DIY: Travel Blush

So there I was out of my favourite Bobbi Brown corrector and in sad possession of a broken blush.  Any one who has ever owned a Bobbi Brown corrector/ concealer knows how cute and trvael friendly the packaging is.  It also has a  little mirror in the lid for on the go lipstick touch ups without taking up too much space in your bag.

In the past when I  have tried the infamous hack of using rubbing alcohol to put back together my broken powder shadows and blushes and it has saved many products for me.  It never looks as pretty as the day  I ought it but it saves me big time money, because let’s face it, we only ever drop the makeup we spent a small fortune on.

So one day I was thinking about my empty little corrector container and what I could use it for as it seemed a waste to throw it out. And wham I had an idea.  Why not take some of my broken blush and set it in the corrector pot and add some rubbing alcohol and make myself a nice little travel size blush?!

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